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First things first.

Let us know who you are and what phone you want to sell.

Please DO NOT use e-mail ending with or If you do, we won't be able to reach you.

Thank you. Please go ahead and send PayPal Invoice.

Now get paid.

Filled form? Great! Now send us a PayPal Invoice and get paid in minutes.

Don't know how? You can watch the video or see steps below.


  • Payments will only be made during work hours Mon-Fri (07:00-21:00)

  • Shipment tracking number needs to be entered in PayPal transaction within the 24 hours after payment received. 

       Otherwise PayPal Invoice will be disputed immediately.

  • Your PayPal Invoice will be paid by Rebels Wireless Inc.

  • You can send one invoice at a time. Once your first device arrives to us, you can send another one.

  • Invoice amount must match with the price listed on our website.

Ship your phone.

After getting paid, ship your phone within 24 hours and add tracking number to PayPal Invoice.

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